T.I.A. (Truth In Action)

Moving the Word of God into the Drama Arena! 

This expresses what 'Truth in Action' is all about. We are blessed with many talented people who share this vision. Often times, that hidden talent isn't seen until a person steps out in faith and allows God to use them for His glory. When this happens, God's anointing falls and brings to life each Truth in Action presentation! God is truly good to us!

Sandy Northrup   Director    

Sandy Northrup


Our vision for Truth in Action is to share the Word of God through drama! By using both everyday and extreme situations, we can connect with people in a way they can easily relate to. The combination of the emotions that God blessed us with, along with His precious anointing, will enable us to make that human connection. Our desire is to reach the lost, help the hurting, restore laughter to the heavy-hearted, and encourage the weary with every Truth in Action presentation.  

- Sis. Sandy